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alfonso petrosino

Money alone is not enough to provide the fuel needed to make the journey towards the future. The passion and mental energy of all those who share this journey is also vital.
The first thing to achieve is to reach the future, following that it is a question of initiative, not only of resources. This initiative is rooted in a deep awareness of the final goal. It springs from a widely shared dream, from an idea that is greatly attractive in terms of tomorrow’s prospects.
The strategic intention behind our operation is something more positive than a simple rallying cry. Our intention is a dream that begins with the idea of a family unit and ends with each of our individual components.
We set out to explore new competitive territories with the aim of creating excellent products and serclamps, staying in close contact with our customers and guaranteeing safety.
Those who accomplish all of this are highly skilled and, naturally, become leaders. This is our destiny.

The mission

The CONDOR has always focussed on achieving an excellent level of product quality whilst expanding on the service it offers for the goods that it provides. In fact, CONDOR believes that quality does not relate solely to products but rather is a value that is reflected in all company activities. Over the years CONDOR has focussed a great deal of attention on internal processes, allowing it to concentrate on customer needs. This guarantees performance, conformity, reliability, durability and product maintenance as well as continued service at construction sites and in project planning. Success in the relevant market has ensured a fair price/quality ratio for all of these aspects. Over time, central focus on the customer has been translated into putting in place an offer that can improve service in each activity: an ever expanding product range customer assistance, guidance at construction sites, engineering and training activities aimed at ensuring the best use of products, in terms of both time and cost.

The production and sales network

The business core of the CONDOR is represented by the production and sale of formwork and scaffolding for construction work as well as struts and construction site huts. To ensure fast and efficient distribution of our products, our company operates on an international scale via six production plants and three service centres in positioned in a strategic way throughout the entire national territory. In addition, a distribution network connects several commercial branches across Europe.

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