Scaffolding metal plank


They are constructed in profiled galvanized layers, the high quality of which guarantees their solidity and durability over the years. It has got a non-slip surface which allows anyone to work on the scaffolding with the greatest safety. They are constructed by a using completely automatic system, so it does not need any maintenance. In order to ensure high efficiency they are constructed both with right and left hooks which allows their replacement with other ready made boards.

scaffolding metal plank

Galvanized board Sirio

1) Central reinforcement provided with non-slip indentation with no cutting edge;
2) Facilitated passage by three hooks support heads with depressed stiffening ribs;
3) Strategic positioning of junctions to coating in order to avoid perceptible flexions owing to load change;
4) High stability to longitudinal twisting guaranteed by continuous clinching of the plank;
5) Possibility to build planks up to a 250 cm length on traditional scaffolding with a 180 cm pitch;

scaffolding metal plank
scaffolding metal plank
scaffolding metal plank
tavola metallica da ponteggio

Model VEGA welded and clinched

Aut. Min. 20426/OM of 31/5/2002
(weight: daN 14,20)
dimensions: mt 1,80 x 0,50
Anti-cut profile: CLOSED
Provided with self-locking coupling
Packaging: 50 pieces (46 pieces in a container only for the model of 1800 mm)

scaffolding metal plank

Prefabbricated metal plank with trapdoor

The trapdoor placed in the centre of the board allows, by the means of the appropriate ladder, movement from one one level of scaffold to another in complete safety, avoiding dangerous movement in open space. Solid and easy to use it is constructed in galvanized layer sheet.
weight trapdoor: daN 22,00
packaging: 10 pieces

scaffolding metal plank

Toe board

It is completely constructed in galvanized layer. Easy to use it completes the walking surface thus becoming an essential accessory to the worker’s safety.
Weight front toe board: daN 4,20
Weight head toe board: daN 3,10
Packaging: 25 pieces

scaffolding metal plank

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