Stage Scaffolding

Sceny estrady

The variability of the Multicom system allows it to be used in sporting, cultural and musical events. Staging, audio, lighting and production towers and galleries are just a few of the most common applications that can be created.

Stages are created using standard MULTICOM elements that are characterised by easy and fast assembly. The tread surface can be supplied either with decking tables or with GPH20 laminated beam systems and class 1 certified, multilayer panels as specified by standards. Staging can be equipped with stair ramps of various lengths and heights on request.

ponteggio multicom palchi
  • 10. MADRID - Plaza de toros
  • 11. Festival di Ravello (SA)
  • 12. Villa Adriana - Tivoli (RM) - plateau gallery system
ponteggio multicom palco ravelllo festival
  • 13. Foro Italico - Rome - Staging, audio, lighting and production towers

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Sceny estrady