Adatto Vertical Formwork

Wall Formwork

ADATTO vertical formwork is available in steel and aluminium versions and is designed for castings used in walls, pillars, support walls, earth retaining walls and vertical-type castings. This formwork is distinguished in the field for outstanding characteristics of lightness, modularity, reliability and finishing. In terms of modularity, all panels, both standard and universal, have horizontal elements with 5cm drilled holes. This allows us to use any standard panel as a universal panel when necessary and also to eliminate wood fillings. Universal pillar panels with a width of 75cm or 100cm are pre-drilled at a pitch of 5cm and are used to cast pillars, restarts, corners facing the same way, T corners and casting stops.

wall formwork adatto

Technical Data

wall formwork adatto

The DW15 and DW20 rods pass inside the bushes positioned in the CU currents. The currents allow the use of formwork for sloped castings up to a maximum inclination of 6°.


The panels are joined either with a fixed aligner clamp or with an UNA patented aligner clamp that can be adjusted. When the clamps are positioned at any point on the perimeter frames the clamps connect the panels both horizontally and vertically.

Corner closures

Corners can be closed in three ways:
1. corners facing the same way with universal/pillar panels;
2. corners closed with standard panels.
3. corners closed with external corners: closing is done using 4 UNA clamps fixed to the side.

wall formwork adatto
  • 1. Adatto panels
wall formwork adatto
  • 2. Detail of adjustable clamp
wall formwork adatto
  • 3. Detail of hook rod for corner closure
wall formwork adatto
  • 4. Rod passage

"T" walls

"T" walls are constructed using the 25x20cm inner corner and a single, 5 cm.


Universal-strut panels allow very easy restart from already existing walls of various thickness.

Casting stops

Castings can be closed in various ways. The most simple ways are:
- with aligners, laminated wooden beams and a cover;
- with one standard panel and two universal/pillar panels.

wall formwork adatto
  • 5. Foundation plinth with Adatto panels for civil construction work
wall formwork adatto
  • 6. T walls
wall formwork adatto
  • 7. Foundation plinth with Adatto panels for civil construction work


Rectangular and square pillars, sized from 20x20cm to 75x75cm with a height of up to 6 m, are constructed with universal/pillar panels equipped with mill blades. Maximum pressure 60 kN/m2.

wall formwork adatto
  • 8. Struts with Adatto panels

Lead coating

Lead-coated struts ensure that compositions are vertical. The struts are joined to the control arm. The coated struts and the control arm are connected by a base plate fixed to the ground and are connected to the formwork via the specific Omega attachment for struts.

wall formwork adatto
  • 9. Lead casing

Closed shafts

The ADATTO system makes the various compositions very easy to achieve. As has been well noted, the main problem in creating “U” or closed shafts is the removal of the panels. This operation is carried out using the filling blade together with the aligner and OMEGA DW attachment. Disarming is also carried out using disarming corners. These close on two 2cm sides, dragging with them the laterallyconnected formwork.

wall formwork adatto
  • 10. Closed shafts
  • 11. Detail of the disarming blade
  • 12. Detail of the articulated corner

With the help of the articulated corner 1, 13 of the articulated aligner 2, combined with the OMEGA DW attachments 3, of the filling 4, and universal/pillar panels, wall castings can be made for walls with an angle of between 65° and 180°.

Casting brackets

The ADATTO formwork system can be combined with the multidirectional scaffolding system using the patented Omega MC self-locking attachment.

wall formwork adatto
  • 13. Composition of the articulated corner
  • 14. Casting brackets

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